About Me

My name is Paul Ferguson and I have been coaching for 16 years. I have worked with people in Australia and abroad with a variety of problems from phobias to anxiety and of course relationships. These problems manifest themselves in all areas of life from family to business. I have travelled extensively and had businesses here and overseas also, these life experiences have added to and enriched my coaching experience.

Relationships have always been the area that I am most passionate about. How you relate is essential for success in all areas of life. More recently I have begun to focus on singles. People are hurting and don’t know where to turn, life is not the same as it was 20 years ago. So contact me NOW and together we will change your relationships.

I want you to find the relationship of your dreams.

Which one of the following best describes you?


  • I have a real busy life; full time work, kids who need to be taken to evening activities, study plus I have to run the house on top of that. It was getting really overwhelming and I was feeling anxious and over planning and overthinking. Like a loop on a reel. I didn’t think that Paul could help as how could he make my life less busy?

    Paul said I had a strategy for becoming overwhelmed/anxious that didn’t support me and once we worked on that BOOM! those anxious feelings just went. My mind stopped zooming around. It was like BOTOX FOR MY BRAIN in that it smoothed out my thought processes. My life is still busy but I am handling it all so much better and even on my busiest days stuff gets done with much less stress. Really pleased with the outcome.

    I have realised that other things that have needed sorting have fallen into place without me trying. Like finances etc. I just feel more “together” and positive on the whole. It’s a great feeling to have.


  • I am happy to say that I was a confident single and now I am still confident and in a wonderful relationship.
    My whole life I used to feel that every relationship I had would end in disaster. Consequently at the age of 35 I was single alone and paying maintenance to an angry ex-wife and sharing custody my son who has autism.

    I met a beautiful woman who also had a son with autism and I thought that this was perfect, it wasn’t. To cut a long story short, about a year into the relationship and after we had moved in together, I discovered that she had a drug problem. Not daily, but she used to go out and party really hard once every couple of months, with people from her “past life”, people who I did not want in my mine.

    Through working with Paul I was able to find the courage to leave that situation knowing that I could live life on my own terms. My beliefs about myself changed and I knew that I would be ok and even flourish on my own. Being in this state allowed me to maintain objectivity while dating.


  • I first approached Paul because I wanted to travel overseas with my kids and show them that we could do it independently. I had no idea that what was really stopping me was my crippling vertigo which I had suffered from since I was a small child. I had travelled extensively in my early twenties and it had prevented me from seeing many famous sights like the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
    Paul did Time Line Therapy with me and I discovered it was a huge fear of falling holding me up. It was like a massive release inside me and I also felt less anxious overall which I knew also had been a problem.
    With my new mindset, I successfully organised a wonderful USA holiday for my children and me. On our holiday I went to the Top of the Rock in New York! I was able to enjoy my holiday so much as I was not anxious or scared. My relationship with my kids is now amazing, too!

    Paul has a lovely calm manner and he puts you at ease and makes you feel like you can succeed. Without his help I would still be living with this fear and not enjoying so many things!